Mobiles By Milton
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My Story


Born and raised in Athens, Georgia, where he was greatly influenced by UGA. He later attended Georgia Southern University, graduating with a degree in metal-smithing and jewelry.

After choosing a career as a graphic designer, and finishing a decade of work at Emory University in 2016, he became a full time artist.

“I have always been inspired by nature, movement and balance.  Kinetic sculptures, or mobiles, offer the perfect form to study motion, and the opportunity to create pieces that incorporate mass and balance”. 

His kinetic sculptures are brought to life with sheets of copper and aluminum, wire and rivets.

Each mobile starts as a simple line drawing. He then cuts out each piece, paints and assembles them by hand. Every mobile is finished with a signature and date.

The combinations of raw and recycled materials, either painted or naturally finished, lend themselves to durable, long lasting works of art.